Blitz Inc Bellevue Reviews ‘Marketing’

Marketing is a word that many people have confused these days. In this post…our first post ever here at Laoge 888 Marketing…we will cover the basics for you with the help of Blitz Inc Bellevue Marketing.

marketing definition

So…what exactly is marketing? What is the definition? What are some of the best online marketing strategies?

Well, if you did a simple Google search for marketing you could easily come up with its definition. You would also come up with some results that resemble the topics of keyword research, blitz marketing, advertising, sales, marketing management, strategic campaigns, the D.M.A. in Portland, social media management, search engine optimization, and a whole slew of other terms that you probably have no idea what they mean.

In fact, trying to find your own marketing definition yourself may leave you even more confused than when you started.

Here’s what Blitz Inc Bellevue has to say about it.

Blitz Inc Bellevue Marketing Definition

The definition of marketing is “however you take your products or service to the marketplace.”

blitz-inc-bellevue-reviewSeems simple doesn’t it? Well, this little marketing firm in Bellevue, Washington may just have it all figured out. They are hailed as one of the best places to work in Washington state. Not because of their 401k or salaries…in fact, they don’t offer them…but their quality of results.

To read more about Blitz, you should probably visit their blog called Blitz Incorporated. As for marketing? They’re legit. They are classified as a marketing firm, but they don’t do any fancy advertising.

What’s the difference between marketing and advertising you might ask? It’s very simple all marketing is not advertising. All advertising IS MARKETING. Marketing is a big global term that encompasses all communications, either failed or successful, to put a brand, product, or service in front of the target audience.

Branding is marketing. Keyword research is marketing…well its actually just research. Most importantly, SALES IS MARKETING.

A particular thing to note: Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean SALES. However, all aspects of marketing have sales as their goal. A lot of people get Blitz Inc confused as a sales company. They are considered a marketing company, but they also perform sales. Read these Blitz Inc reviews for more on that.

A lot of sales companies claim to be marketing companies. But, very often they are just going door-to-door selling pots and pans or something.

Is that really what marketing is?


Again, according to numerous companies and authorities, the definition of marketing is ‘however you take your product or service to market.’ That can be door-to-door sales, online advertising, newspaper postings, blogging, whatever. It’s all marketing. Enough about Blitz Inc Bellevue. They have enough written about them online that you can find out some more details on what they do.

Let’s Wrap It Up: Marketing Definition

Everything is marketing, but marketing is not everything. That’s really all there is to it. Just check out Wikipedia for their definition and you’ll see the same thing. In the world of marketing, the world is your oyster. You get to pick and choose how and when you take your products to market. Just be sure of one thing.

You do it better than your competitors.