Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is being debated in America all the time. The biggest argument revolves around whether the punishment of death should be left up to the state or if it should be implemented at a federal level. Many feel that no one in their right mind should agree to the death penalty and that a large number of people who kill others would never kill again if they were given a chance. The purpose of the criminal justice system in America is called into question when debating capital punishment for the worst of crimes.

If you think about it, America has a long and interesting history when it comes to deciding what to do with criminals. In Europe, they execute criminals with electric chair and gas chambers. But it’s not just the death penalty, that the United States is doing. We’re not alone in this practice either.

Across the globe, we all know what happens to those who are executed. Some people are tortured, some are fed to lions, and others may even die from fire, falling into a vat of acid, or even being suffocated with plastic bags. There are stories of innocent people being thrown off tall buildings by their captors because they were found guilty of murder. People who have committed no crime can be killed without any legal justification whatsoever.

In addition to these executions, the United States does executions for other crimes like rape, burglary, arson, robbery, and kidnapping. You see, executions are common, but some other things can actually be done by Americans without the use of a lethal injection machine. It would seem that this is a more humane solution.

Personally, I think it’s alright to have the death penalty because it could be abused and too many innocent people will be put to death. I also believe that some people are simply bad and would not want to see them put to death. Some people are so evil that they cannot be reasoned with, and it’s best to leave it up to the legal system to decide what the punishment should be.

If you look at the word “capital punishment”, it sounds bad, and it does sound bad. When you’re looking at it that way, it makes more sense to me. I believe that it would be better for everyone involved if it was left up to the states.

It would be better for the victim, for the killer, and for society if they chose to use the ultimate penalty. So vote and have your say on this issue.