Inmates and Contraband

Inmates can get punished for the illegal use of drugs. Also, their conduct is checked by the prison staff when they are going to or coming out of the prison. Drug and alcohol testing is done to detect illicit drugs and alcohol in the inmates. Yet, inmates hide contraband all the time.

In case the inmates are found guilty of selling or using such drugs in the prison, they are made to undergo training that teaches them about the consequences of their actions. For instance, if they are caught on their way to the other side, the trainer will teach them not to run from the guards but to break the law. The punishment could be a more severe one, depending on the nature of the violation. Jail and prison staff can find high risks by using an inmate search tool and pulling up inmates who meet a certain criteria of drug use and/or drug charges.

For drug addicts and their suppliers, the consequence may be the same. A substantial fine and further incarceration in prison. The difference is that, for the addicts, their punishment will not be as severe since they will have to spend their time in rehab, instead of adding on to their jail sentence.

When a person is released from prison, they will also be able to avail of prison drug detox programs. It is believed that this is one of the most effective ways to deal with addiction. This type of program will involve the patient suffering from addiction and will lead to the patient doing his best to stay clean.

Another form of punishment given to drug abusers and those who use drugs for the purpose of recreation is to be put under close surveillance. Their behavior will be monitored and the prison officials will take note of their behavior. If they fail to follow the rules, their behavior will be observed and their time in the cell will be limited.

And finally, rehabilitation programs in prison will assist the inmates to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. In some cases, a person may also be given some additional benefits to help him or her stay sober. Rehabilitation will also help in terms of physical recovery.

This way, inmates who try to hide contraband will have their chance to be rehabilitated instead of being penalized. These programs may also be offered for free, so that the inmates who need help to overcome their drug addictions and alcohol dependence can also avail of them.