Inmates and Prison Tattoos

Tattoos in prison are a topic of controversy. Tattoos are a part of a lot of fashion statements and body modifications. So tattoos have been in the news quite a bit lately, but have been prevalent in jails and prisons since the beginning of time.

Inmates have the chance to choose the type of tattoos that they want and not be seen as a gang member. They have the right to be seen as a free-will and a strong man. Inmates have more options for tattoos in prison than the rest of the world does, as it is common knowledge that they are seen in a different light when they have tattoos.

When an inmate gets a tattoo on their body, they have the privilege of not just making it something that is good and bad. It can represent where they came from, who they were, and what they want to represent in their future. However, it does make the inmate very identifiable in a lineup if they ever commit a crime again. A defendant’s tattoos, scars, or other unique identifiers all come up in a basic inmate search. Finding someone who committed a crime sometimes just comes down to identifying their tattoo!

Many people who put on their own bodies inked images end up having to deal with the rest of the world. Tattoos are an identity mark that an individual holds and it’s a mark that can leave you with many problems. For one thing it puts an individual at risk for bullying, being discriminated, and being incarcerated because of their choice. Once that person becomes an inmate at a correctional facility though, it turns out that ‘anything goes.’

Tattoos in Prison Vs Tattoos on the ‘Outside’

There is a difference between tattoos in prison and tattoos on the outside. While many people choose to put their ink onto their bodies, some choose to put it on their bodies only in a smaller way. As long as it is not intrusive, it can be safe to put on the outside of the body, but many keep their more extensive inks under their clothes.

Also, there are many ways an individual can get their name or logo tattooed. Tattoos are not exactly a rarity in the United States prison system, as mentioned above. They are considered something beautiful, important, and a marker of a person’s position or accomplishments. No matter how ugly the tattoo can be, they represent who they are.

This great advantage gives these inmates a big advantage when it comes to the tattoo that they will have done on their bodies. It gives them a fighting chance in many cases. You see, many inmates end up suffering from gang violence, where they don’t want any part of it.