Getting Your First Tattoo – What to Expect

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now and haven’t gotten one. You most likely just haven’t found the right shop, artist, design, or all the above. After all, there’s so many of these things to consider! All in all, it’s not that hard of a process. You just have to not use the excuse of “I don’t know what tattoo to get” hold you back. After reading through this page, you’ll have more than enough information on getting your first tattoo.

Get a Great Design for Your Tattoo

Tattoos are permanent. Well, for the most part. You can always get laser tattoo removal surgery, but it is costly and takes several sessions. Therefore, your new tattoo should be something you feel comfortable showing off to others and to yourself in the mirror. Many people choose to get some version of their astrological symbol as a tattoo, while others may opt to get a portrait of their newborn baby. The choice is completely up to you.

After you have a general idea of what you want, it’s always a good idea to sketch out a picture of it with a pencil and a piece of paper. It definitely doesn’t have to be perfect because this is only a rough sketch that you’re going to show to artist who does tattoos, also known as a tattoo artist. Decide on your color scheme and you’re almost done with this initial process.

Now all you need to do, when it comes to your tattoo design, is decide which part of the body you want it. You could go with something traditional, something out of sight, or something completely unique. Again, the choice is yours.

Find a Tattoo Artist

For the most part, people rely on other people’s recommendations for a lot of services and tattoos aren’t excluded. We all know that guy or girl who’s got some cool looking tattoos that we could ask who their tattoo artist is. If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine. In almost every major metropolitan area, there are loads of tattoo artists only a phone call away. Look at some of their portfolios, talk to them directly, and discuss your expectations.

Show your prospective tattoo artist the design you have come up with, or if you’re going with more of an exact copy of something (like a portrait or symbol), then just bring that in with you during your initial consultation. Tattoo artists usually don’t charge for an initial consult, so you should be good to go.

Inspect the Tattoo Shop Itself

The tattoo shop that an artist does his or her work out of should be clean and safe. All equipment used should be single-use only. Be sure that both the shop and the tattoo artist are licensed and insured. Furthermore, be sure that they follow any Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Universal Precautions.

If anything looks or feels out of the ordinary, keep looking. Again, there really are a ton of different tattoo parlors to choose from in ANY city throughout the globe.

What to Expect When Getting Your First Tattoo

First of all, the tattoo artist will wash up and make sure his or hands are clean and sterile. After that, the place that the tattoo is to be done will be cleaned and disinfected as well. After that’s over with, the tattooist will put on fresh single-use gloves and maybe a surgical mask as well. He or she will explain the procedure to you and run you through a quick demonstration of their tools.

Here’s what you can expect when all the prep work is done. The tattoo artist will outline the shape of what you want tattooed with his or her single-use needle in their tattoo machine. This will then be cleaned with antiseptic. The shading will then commence with thicker needles (again one-time use), and might seem a bit more uncomfortable. The process will repeat for any color in the tattoo as well (if opted for).

Once the tattoo has been completed, the tattoo artist will wipe away any blood using a fresh one-time use cloth. The area will then be disinfected and a bandage will be applied. If the tattoo you have chosen is large, then it may take a few different sessions, but the process will still be the same.

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