The Stress of Law Enforcement

Like most law enforcement professionals, they have a variety of things that can negatively affect our work and your productivity. These include things like stress, lack of motivation, and the ever-elusive ‘brain fog’.

When you are working in law enforcement, one of the most common and obvious negative effects is time loss. Being on the clock from a desk job, you have to be present when you are working. This can be challenging, but more than that, it can be tiring and even disruptive to the operation of your department.

In addition to time loss, time spent out of the loop is another issue. We have to stay up to date with our assigned cases, procedures, and training. We have to learn the system and how it works to keep up with and remain effective at our jobs. Then there is the added strain of having to manage multiple departments of the criminal justice system and branches to keep everyone organized.

The few examples of time lost from law enforcement include having to reschedule training, office meetings, meetings for administrative tasks, and administrative support staff due to unforeseen circumstances. Even as you are working, you could still be working on your day off and trying to move the meetings that are scheduled for the next day.

Employees also lose sleep because of the demands of their jobs. Working in law enforcement, you don’t really get to rest much, but being up all night can certainly wear down your muscles. Not only that, but it can take a toll on your self-esteem. You may also wonder why you are working so hard for such little reward.

Many law enforcement professionals even have long hours of duty that go into the mornings. There is also the worry about whether they will be able to meet their obligations. Another concern could be doing the right thing the first time, but sometimes it doesn’t pan out the way you expected it to.

Law enforcement can often be a stressful and draining experience and at times it is hard to find time to enjoy life outside of the work environment. It can even be hard to enjoy time together with your family and other members of your home and community. You can cut down on some of these negative effects by taking the following steps.