Bail Bonds in Georgia

Not everyone understands how bail bonds work, especially in Georgia. A lot of people who commit crimes think that they can just go rob someone or worse, pay a bail bondsman a fee, and get out of jail until they have to go to trial. While that may be true to at least some degree, many people don’t take into consideration the long term effects of overusing this PRIVILEGE. In this page, I’m going to go over some of the things you have to know when it comes to bailing someone out of jail.

A Brief History of Bail Bonds

First of all, lets think about the short term implications just for a minute. The idea of a bond being established for someone to get out of jail is intended for one purpose. It is meant to allow a person to gather all of the evidence necessary to prove themselves innocent in a court of law. This goes back to a long time ago when people were held in jails at the whim of the local police force. These days, a person has to be charged with a crime after some evidence points to probable cause. So, the landscape of going to jail has changed a little bit. Read more about bail bonding on this Weebly page. So, do we even need bail bonds at this point in time any more? Furthermore, the main deciding factor that determined if a person was eligible for bail or not was the potential flight risk. If the courts deemed the severity of a crime to be so intense that a person would probably run away and not attend their court date, then the possibility for letting them out ahead of time was zero. Now lets look at today.

There are thousands of cases every week where a person gets to post bail, which they secure through bail bonds, and are no-shows for their court date. This results in the bonding company to either pay for the full amount of the set fee or go out and find the person and bring them to jail. A bond is a contract between the bondsman or bonding agency, the person who allegedly committed the crime, and the courts. The bonding agent is essentially telling the court that they promise that the person will show up to their court date. When this goes wrong, do you think that the agency is going to want to fork over thousands of dollars? Of course not. They are going to come after the person who skipped out.

Why Georgia Bail Bonds are the Worst

The need for bonding agencies is still there, but probably not as much as it used to be. You know, back when people were being thrown in jail for no REAL reason and being held there without proper due process or reading of their Miranda Rights. Since there is still a need, there are plenty of companies out there who are going to take advantage. More importantly, the more companies that are out there providing bail bonds, the further the risk is spread between all of them. Now in Georgia, there is a limit to how many bondsman can be in any given county. The counties with the most crime get a little more leeway. These include Cobb, Fulton, and Dekalb Counties.

There is a downside to having a limited amount of people doing this though. Georgia bail bonds, as a general rule, are in high demand in almost every county throughout the state. The higher the demand, the bigger workload. The bigger workload, the less personalized services the customer gets, in any business. Bail bonding is a business just like any other, but the risk is extremely high. Therefore, companies are going to assess a persons flight risk more so than other states because they have to be sure not to lose money in the deal. So, if you know someone that might be getting thrown in jail soon (hopefully not), then you might advise them to not commit any crimes in the state of Georgia.

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