What is Criminology?

The word “criminology” is an expression that has actually been around for more than two hundred years. Basically, criminology is a branch of criminology that deals with crimes and their characteristics.

Criminology is a science in which a person takes it as his or her special interest to study the scientific aspect of crime. In other words, criminology studies the behaviors and attitudes of criminals or the personality of people who commit crimes under the guidelines of the criminal justice system. It is believed that if you are able to analyze the crimes, you can figure out the causes behind these crimes and thus be able to put an end to them.

Criminology, in fact, is also considered as a crime-fighting science. In the past, researches have proved the fact that criminals are generally caught when they commit crimes. To combat this, people used various means like the use of prison, police, judges, and people who are not aware of these crimes.

You can also determine the sociological features of the crime committed by using the crime classification methods. If you compare these methods with the national-level crime rates, you will notice that the crime classification methods are far superior.

The criminal justice system is also divided into two main categories: the society/government/regime and the individual/criminal. To become an expert on criminology, you need to be an expert on both these categories.

There are many different ways in which criminology is done. You can learn it by watching television programs, reading books and even studying it at your own home. But if you are doing it professionally, there are certain methods that you should know.

Criminologists usually give lectures at universities, colleges, and law firms. Ifyou want to take up criminology as a career, you must first become an expert on the subject.