What is Jail Like?

What is jail like? Is it dangerous? The conditions inside and outside the cells are known as less-than-desirable.

A prisoner may be booked with minor penalties, receive light or reduced time, or be released. The rules are designed to send a message to the prisoners to get along or get out. They can be rough on the inmates. The inmates are given a well-balanced diet, adequate sleep, extra exercise and a chance to learn good values.

Today’s internal prison safety systems allow the guards to report to the lieutenant before they ever enter the prison. This increases the security of the facility. You will never have to run for your life again.

Inmates are protected with irons, nightsticks, electroshock devices, and knives. When the guards enter the cells they are armed. The guards are aware of any escape attempt that may be made by the inmates.

The new inmates are mostly allowed to go straight into their cell. They are given some form of parole or house arrest until they find their way out of the institution.

The Condition of the Jail Cells

All of us, I think, agree that the state of jails and prisons is a disgrace. It’s not just the many deaths of inmates from heat stroke, from self-harm, from suicide or even from falling. If you want to look for an inmate and see the conditions of their jail cell, good luck. You’ll need an attorney for that.

The condition of jail cells is completely disastrous to the inmates. In fact, you may think that the prison has become a place of punishment. But I am not convinced of this because we cannot call it as punishment.

Punishment comes from us and we know how to deal with it. As a result, we are teaching the people to behave well and they have started to respect others.

There is no compulsion in our society in relation to imprisonment. We are free to say that the imprisonment is not for punishment, but for rehabilitation and to get them out of the downward spiral. The majority of the inmates are not ready to face the ordeal and will remain locked in their cells.

We all are aware of the fact that we do not want to see anyone suffering, if we can prevent it, it is our duty to help the inmates. Let me repeat that we are in society to help society and not just ourselves. We are helping people as much as we can, but we need to make sure that the inmates get the kind of treatment that they deserve.